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I know picking makeup brushes can be a challenge and a little overwhelming at times.. Due to the fact that there are so many out there, from all different brands and types of brushes how do we know which ones to add to our collection?

First, lets start with knowledge behind  the brushes when picking out brushes there are two you can choose from, synthetic brushes and natural brushes.

Natural Brushes are made with real animal hair, they have to be cleaned a bit more than non synthetic because the bristles really grab on to that makeup, making them one heck of a soft amazing brush! I use natural brushes, due to the fact that they make your makeup application, apply so much better and smoother without leaving streaky lines on your face, as well as depositing more color on your eyes with shadow brushes too . They’re a little higher on the price  side but totally worth it!

Synthetic Brushes are made with synthetic bristles and are a little rougher in the feel of them, you can find synthetic brushes that are softer than others. When applying makeup, you will notice the bristles fall apart and out on your face and when cleaning them easier then natural brushes. Some also leaves streaks to the face and don’t deposit color very well. Not to say you can never find a great non- synthetic brush you just need to purchase them from a makeup store like Sephora or Ulta, drug store bought brushes aren’t the best.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.34.57 PM

These easy, soft curls, are so gorgeous for an everyday look. You only need four tools. “I know crazy.. right?”

1. Hair Spray “I used Kenra”

2. Heat protectant “I used Redken”

3. Teasing comb

4. Curling wand “Biggest barrel”

Checkout the link below to watch how to achieve this look


A simple yet stylish side braid, is an easy fast way to add style to your fashion when your on the go. Or when you aren’t washing your hair everyday. Watch an how to video on beautybloggirls.


Whats your Favorite? COCO Chanel is my all time favorite foundation! Perfection Lumier is an all over coverage, foundation that is NEVER greasy, NEVER cakey; that is light weight. It’s an airbrush in a bottle. I will never go back to using anything other then Chanel foundation on my face.

10460759_262935903902970_3530429880014661638_n photo

I love natural makeup looks. Browns,bronzes,plums they are my favorite! and great for fall looks and everyday looks.

checkout my VLOG at http://www.beautybloggirls.com here is the video.


Eva Longoria is one of my favorite inspirations for fashions, hair, and makeup. She always looks so fabulous! as fall is approaching this is one of my favorite looks for the autumn season.  A blazer, skinny jeans, or jeggings, some pumps, and a hand bag or a cute clutch. Blazers are such an amazing go to, to complete your look, you can either dress them down, or dress them up, depending on what you are doing. Blazers always look professional, and classy. I am always all about the blazers!

Here are some examples of blazers dressing up and being dressed down.

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Here are some examples from my inspirations on how I wear blazers.

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Go from Golden Blondes to Rich Browns. The time is just around the corner again. (AUTUMN! the season is coming!)

With sun damage, and all the lighting that we do on our hair to get ready for all the fun in the sun, puts wear and tear on our hair. By going darker from time to time ,helps strengthen the hair and helps it grow and feel healthier.

Get fall Ready with me, if you live in the Denver Colorado area then come see me at

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Hello and welcome to girl world, the first official post from the Beauty Blog Girls Report! Your one stop for head to toe beauty.


I started the idea of Beautybloggirls.com after listening to my clients in the salon talk about their hair and after they asked me questions about styling their hair, such as: What products to use? Do I know any good products? Do I know any fast tricks to manage my time, when getting ready? So, I started doing research on it. No one has done any videos that really talk about and explain products or show you tools you can use.  Or even how to repair your damaged hair or dealing with skin problems. I wanted to see new Youtube tutorial videos up online.  Instead of your average “this is how I’m going to curl my hair today” routines I wanted to use the videos as an educational tool to help women with keeping their skin and hair healthy and teach fast 10 minute looks and styles for hair and makeup, especially when you’re always on the go. And lets face it everyone is always on the go. These videos will educate you and help teach you how to style your hair and do easy makeup looks as well.